Director Dr.Peter Yoon
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  • Choonwondang opened in 1847 in Bakcheon, Pyeunganbukdo, in what is now North Korea. Prior to the Korean War, the clinic operated in Pyeongyang, North Korea, moved its operations to Busan, South Korea during the Korean War, and since 1953, has been practicing in Doneuidong, Jongnogu, Seoul, (South) Korea.
  • Choonwondong draws from both its own unique recipes that have been handed down generationally as well as the newest innovations in medicinal practice. They treat their patients with sincerity.
  • Since the mid-1970’s, the hospital has developed a specialty in the treatment of goiter. Since 1980, they advanced in the treatment of allergy-related conditions and infertility. They currently operate with a medical staff comprised of 20 doctors and nurses out of 8 treatment rooms.
  • In 2008, the newest building was opened which utilizes modern technology to ensure the purity of the ingredients used, testing for residual pesticides, minerals, metals, and other substances. The completely computerized boiling room and Museum of Korean Medicine are open to the public. The hospital aspires to both preserve and carry forth Korean culture.
  • We strive and will continue to strive to maintain the finest medical staff, the purest and freshest ingredients, and to treat patients with the best medical service we can offer.
  • We appreciate any constructive feedback that will allow us to serve you better.
  • Thank you.
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